Nature’s Rest Mattress

Nature’s Rest Mattress

Nature’s Rest is a brand with great history and success producing high quality Talalay Latex mattresses and pillows, and we hope to bring that to your home. We have made an online only version of this amazing sleep surface to give even more value to our customers!

What is Nature’s Rest?

  1. The Original High Quality Latex Mattress & Pillows
  2. Talalay Latex derived from the sap of the Havea tree
  3. 25 years in the business
  4. For the first time offered online direct to your home!
  5. Easy Shipping and even easier returns

At Nature’s Rest we want you to be comfortable and enjoy your night’s sleep, we have formulated our high quality Talalay latex mattresses and pillows to do just that. We have researched and researched latex to find the right amount and firmness to help you sleep longer and better.

When looking for a mattress we always ask ourselves what are some key points to look for? Well, we believe we have it summed it up for you!